There have been hundreds of people who had the stigmata, miraculous wounds like the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ. The Church believes that Jesus was nailed in his hands and feet and had a slash in the side. Some stigmatists, however, may just have some of the wounds. St Rita of Cascia (1381-1457) had a wound on her forehead. The Church has officially stated that the stigmata of St Francis of Assisi and two others, St Catherine of Siena and St Theresa of Avila were indeed miraculous. It has made no judgment on the rest except to judge a handful as frauds.
The number of stigmatists is well over 400. There are many modern cases.
The booklet, The Stigmata and Modern Science by Rev Charles Carty (TAN, Illinois, 1974) states that Francis, Teresa Neumann, Padre Pio and St Mary Francis of the Five Wounds had stigmata for which there is no rational explanation. The priests would like us to think there is a miraculous explanation but to do that they would have to refute the existence of poltergeists which is impossible for them. It would be easier for an invisible spook to inflict stigmata than spend time writing on the walls and tossing tables around the room.
Dr Romanelli who examined Padre Pio testified that his wounds were inexplicable (page 15).
The stigmata of Louise Lateau (1850-1883) was examined by a Catholic doctor and one who was a freemason who said that medicine could do nothing to explain it (page 15).
She could lose half a pint of blood a day from her wounds (page 67, The Bleeding Mind). Her right hand was once put into a jar that she couldn’t get it out of in order to prove that she was not cheating and she still developed open wounds in it like nail marks (ibid, page 39).
Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), a German nun, was observed and examined by more than twenty doctors who agreed that something that medicine was mystified by what was going on (ibid, page 31, 32).
These miracles are not signs when the Church has not officially recognised them as such. It is refusing to give them their proper status and implying that everybody else should do the same. The miracles happen to verify the Church and when the Church is not moved by the Spirit to let them then they are false miracles and possibly hoaxes. They prove that the Church is dishonest in relation to miracles for it arbitrarily presents some for belief and not others.
I am not saying the stigmata is real. If you read unbiased studies, you will see that it is not.  Now when Rome listens to doctors who say a cure is inexplicable and they use that as an excuse for saying it was a miracle, it should do the same with the stigmata but yet it dismisses some very convincing cases as unworthy of an official statement of authenticity.

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