The Camera tells us that the 1917 Miracle of the Sun at Fatima was no miracle


The greatest alleged miracle of the twentieth century has to be the miracle of the sun at Fatima in 1917.  Though science found the sun did not move, thousands of people at Fatima are said to have thought it magically did move thanks to the long dead mother of Jesus appearing there and making it move. 
Some books would have you think that it had no less than 70,000 witnesses (eg. Fatima Revealed and Discarded, page 168). But if you look at the photographs you see that this was an exaggeration.


The papers gave a range of between 30,000 and 100,000 people. That they couldn't get their figures half right is a warning bell. If you look at the press photographs you will remember that photographers would have snapped the largest part of the crowd. Bearing that in mind we see that the crowd was not as big as the Church and the papers and the priests tried to make out. Also, there were a lot of children there. Why are there no accounts of children going berserk during the scary part of the alleged miracle?



During the miracle which would have been terrifying if real, why are those witnesses below all so calm?





If you study the photos, a lot of witnesses were shielding their eyes during the miracle and squinting. No wonder they were able to look at the sun!



The Crowd During the Miracle of the Sun – from


Notice that the photos show they were taken in ordinary light.  The miracle then didn’t show up on camera!  Some people had to shield their eyes to look at the sun.  Others look too relaxed to be seeing a miracle.  Some are not looking at the sun at all.


Our photographer didn’t see much when he was so interested in photographing the people!




This photograph plainly shows some people were looking at the sun during the "miracle".  Others were completely disinterested because nothing was happening.   

The story of the rain and the people drying miraculously is a hoax.  The photos show no evidence of anybody getting wet or being wet at all. And that includes the photos from minutes before the Miracle.



Despite all the photographers who were present there are no photos of the sun or changes in the sky or any physical evidence. It is psychologically unthinkable that with the photographers who were there none attempted a photo of anything other than the crowd.  The photographer who could snap the sky during the miracle and present a photo with nothing out of the ordinary would have been a hero with the secularist regime that desperately wanted to believe the Fatima tale was delusion.  There is nothing to indicate that anything odd happened in the sky.  The best the defender can do is produce photos of eclipses in far away lands! (page 78, The Evidence for Visions of the Virgin Mary).  The photo directly above is an example of one such fake.  The Vatican's own newspaper was guilty of promoting a lie.  It appeared in 1951 by L’Osservatore Romano.  Interestingly according to some the picture seems to hail from 1925 when it was thought the sun was behaving oddly at a town in Portugal.  It is easily seen though that the picture itself does not look that strange which makes one wonder was there a culture of imagining signs in the sky.


The absence of any solar picture either for or against the solar miracle is a far bigger wonder than the miracle itself.


The Church promotes the lies even today.

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