Skepticism in Photos

The Turin Shroud allegedly carries a miraculous image of the entombed Jesus.  It is strange for it is so old.  Errors include the laying down man with his hair hanging down and the head not fitting the body.  If it is so vague because it is meant to pass for an image of Jesus' ghost then it amounts to an attempt to undermine the resurrection.  If the dull image is meant to seem to be made by sweat then remember that sweat does not come from everywhere and would not be so uniform.  And there are no run marks.  It is too much of a coincidence that something that looks like a blood and sweat print should appear AFTER the legend of Veronica became popular.  The 800 years old tale is that she wiped Jesus' face with her veil when he was carrying his cross and he left his face image on it.

Errors on the Guadulupe Painting that Mary allegedly done that prove it's not a miracle image!

This picture allegedly appeared miraculously on a cloak, miracles don’t contain errors but this picture does

Hypnotically Induced Tears of Blood indicating a natural explanation of Stigmata

Elizabeth K was hypnotised to induce stigmata and bloody tears from the eyes.  It is said this lady, Elizabeth K, pinpricked the lids of her eyes as the blood seems to come from around the eyes.  She has got no blood in her eyes in the photograph.  But it is possible that there wasn’t much blood so it didn’t show much.  And the tears of blood we see would have been mainly her natural tears mixed with blood – wiping the blood away from the eyes?  The lady was hypnotised by a Doctor who testified it caused the bleeding and who checked her eyelids and stated she bled from the inside of the eyes.  And her eyes could have wiped themselves but leaving blood on the lids by the time the doctor got around to taking the photograph.  Also some do make the point that what is important is that the blood came not where it came out of.  So it doesn’t matter if it came outside the eyes or from inside the lids.  What is important is that hypnosis did it for her.  The doctor believed she was psychologically similar but not the same as stigmatic people which was why he believed hypnosis could produce stigmata in her.  He thought stigmata was caused by self-hypnosis induced by highly neurotic and rare and strong mystical states.

The infamous apparition of Mary at La Salette to two children, Melanie and Maximin was followed by their detailed description of her.  Why then is her clothing exactly the same as this picture from decades before?  The children show signs of being coached by priests.  Another suggestion is that they were tricked by a religious lunatic and maybe she was the one inspired by the picture.  A lady was indeed accused of fooling the children.

Hypnotically Induced Stigmata in hands

If Elizabeth K is a fraud why did she have such poor stigmata?

This is supposed to be the miracle of God preserving a dead body!

St Theresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart

Picture of Sudarium

This cloth was supposedly wrapped around the head of Jesus on the cross and it allegedly supports the Turin Shroud’s authenticity.  We will see that if it does that then both cloths are forgeries.

How the Sudarium wrapped around head

We are to believe that the cloth was put around the head while Jesus was on the cross.  Why would anybody need to do that with the burial cloths nearby?  Those who were burying Jesus were in a hurry for the Jewish rest was drawing close so they weren’t going to waste time putting a cloth around a man dead on a cross and especially when the tomb was nearby.  Also the nasal stains of blood on the Sudarium show that the first stain dried and the second formed from fresh blood and mucus.  So they put it over a live man’s head?   So he was able to secrete blood as if he was alive after the first blob dried?  The Sudarium has crown of thorn wounds indicating that some relic makers were killing people to make relics for the Church!  See on the Sudarium. 

Padre Pio in 1918, small stigmatic wounds in centre of hands

Some Miracle the Pio stigmata has moved!

Pio’s right hand and the moving stigmata

Padre Pio saying Mass – and people say he didn’t want his stigmata seen!

Pio was making his own stigmata according to the photographic evidence.  Also though he said he cleaned them more than once every day the wounds are dirtier as he got older indicating that he wanted them to be more easily photographed.  He pretended he didn’t want his marks to be seen.  One would expect a man like him who professed such respect for the Mass to keep the wounds bandaged in case a scab falls on the communion wafer or worse into the chalice.  So he did want his wounds to be seen.

Medjugorje Visionaries looking in different directions while supposedly having the same vision!

Vicka’s Fake Ecstasy at Medjugorje

Vicka Ivankovic while supposedly in ecstasy during Feb 1984 and detached from the world while having an apparition jumps away when Jean-Louis pretended he was sticking his fingers in her eyes.

She claimed later she jumped back because she thought the Virgin Mary was going to drop the baby Jesus.  But why then did she jump away and not towards the apparition to save the baby?  How could she even think the Virgin would be so clumsy?  How could the Virgin act so clumsy?  Crazy pro-Med doctor František Mráček has some drivel on the Internet claiming that she reacted too slowly to the fingers so it wasn’t the fingers made her move! .   The picture we have is on his website and despite his claim that the facial expressions of the visionaries are the same at this time you can see that the two visionaries in the picture again are looking in different directions.  The visionary next Vicka does not jump in any form at all – she shows no reaction to the supposed clumsiness of the Virgin. 

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