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A blood test on the Turin Shroud

A favorite argument for Jesus and his resurrection

A law of nature is not a real law but something you know will happen

Accounts of Translation of Book of Mormon

Adele Brisse alleged visionary of Our Lady of Good Help

An argument concerning how women could testify if Jesus rose

Anachronisms in Book of Mormon that refute its ancient origin

Ancient Coins on the Turin Shroud are imagined

Another Joseph Smith complete with "ancient" plates

Answer to supposed evidences for the Book of Mormon

Archaeology and Science Against Book of Mormon

Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo approves visions of Betania

Arguing that praying for troubled works in contraries, brings more evil on them?

Asmodeus the demon in Catholic Scripture, Book of Tobit

Assessing: Bayes theorem may allow for the return of Jesus to life?

At best we should suspend judgement on Jesus' alleged burial

Atheist scholar on the Hume case versus miracles

Basic refutations of miracles

Belgian Miracle at the so-called Belgian Lourdes

Belief in Miracles downgrades human dignity

Best Anti-Miracle Belief Arguments

Best argument against miracle credibility is distorted by Christians

Bishops warn of disobedience of following visions of Medjugorje

Book of Mormon delivers evil teachings

Book of Mormon infallibly translated by God???

Book of Mormon is a fake abridgement

Book of Mormon is fiction at best and lies at worst

Book of Mormon is from man not God

Book of Mormon lacks credibility

Book of Mormon language problems shows it is a fake

Book of Mormon text is stolen from other authors

Book Review: Wilcox Truth about Shroud of Turin

Booklet makes mistake of saying historicity of Book of Mormon has support

Books on the dubious Book of Mormon witnesses

Can Bible ethics support science and teach it?

Can science resurrect me from the dead?

Can we learn anything from miracles?

Carbon dating refutes the authenticity of the Turin Shroud

Catholic Church has double-standard when assessing miracles

Charles Anthon and Book of Mormon and Smith as spin-doctor

Charles Anthon letters showing the Book of Mormon was a fraud

Christian hyper-defender McDowell debunks shroud of Turin

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints refuted

Church of Scientology and Hubbard make invalid claims

Cognitive Dissonance and Religion

Comprehensive refutation of believability of miracles

Computer tests to see how many authors Book of Mormon had

Confronting creationist ideology and harms

Could women witness to the empty tomb and risen Jesus?

CS Lewis the Christian needs this criticism of his book Miracles

Cult known as the Church of Christ

David Hume and the Superstition of Miracles

David Hume warns against accepting miracle stories easily

Daydreaming Jesus back from the dead?

Deceptions around the visions of Guadalupe

Did Jesus predict that he would NOT rise? debunking Jesus Christ disproving that science complements religion Disproving the divine origin of Mormonism disproving the goodness of prayer disproving the miracle Shroud of Turin shows why it is unreasonable to affirm miracles versus alleged supernatural events like Lourdes

Distant Image on Turin Shroud for there should be smudging

Do Miraculous Claims need Miraculous Evidence?

Download free pdfs refuting religious and superstitious lies

Established facts cannot really make way for Jesus having risen?

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano can't be the rotting remains of Jesus?

Eucharistic miracles are nonsense

Evidence for the Mormon Faith being from God

Exorcising Medjugorje which is suspected by some of demonic activity

Exorcists are potential abusers

Faith and hope and why miracles raise concerns for them

Faith healing pollutes medical science

Faith in miracles is just faith in men

False Prophecy in Book of Mormon shows it is not from God

Fatima, Lucia and the Consecration of Russia

First Vision of Joseph Smith when he saw God and Jesus!

Gassner was a notorious Catholic exorcist who is worth exploring

Golden plates of Book of Mormon were mythical

Gothic art and how it overthrows the Turin Shroud

Holy Lies about Lourdes where Mary supposedly appeared

How did Smith find the Golden Plates?

How useful to historians are the gospels?

Howe's testimonials that Mormonism was a hoax by a fake prophet

Hungarian Codex doesn't depict the Shroud of Turin

Incorrupt bodies happen in non-religious contexts too

Incredibly, miracles and belief in them supports atheism!

Is Christian Science scripture Science and Health nonsense?

Is it possible that Smith did not translate the Book of Mormon right?

Is Mormonism distorting the doctrine of creation?

Is prayer asking for a secret miracle?

Is resurrection of Jesus a good doctrine?

Is resurrection of the human race a wholesome hope?

Is there blood on the Shroud of Turin? Is it Jesus'?

Israelites were in ancient America according to Mormon Scriptures

It could have been Jesus' shroud!

Jesus as an exorcist and a fanatic

Jesus' burial cloth would not have passed to the disciples

Jesus's resurrection was not the only alleged resurrection

Joe Nickell on Padre Pio's seeming tricks

Joseph Smith and his lying production of the Book of Abraham

Joseph Smith boasts that he is better than Jesus

Joseph Smith was not getting messages from God

Kinderhook plates, fake prophet Joseph Smith called them genuine!

Lanciano Legend and why there is no history behind alleged miracle

Lie: Only a philosophy, not science says a miracle is unscientific

Links to sites refuting religion and its dubious miracles

List of pages refuting religionists who peddle lies and guesses

Lunn a Catholic's thoughts on miracles answered

Lying miracle of the undecayed corpse of Pope John XXIII

Magic glasses from God fail to translate Book of Mormon!

Making the Turin Shroud and how was it done?

Marco the painter painted the fake miracle picture of Guadalupe

Media refutes the magical claims made about Padre Pio

Medical on corpse of St Bernadette and the feigned miracle

Miracle believers have only ad hominem attacks for critics

Miracle claim can be refuted by damning minor details

Miracle claims are not acceptable to the true historian

Miracles are intrinsically improbable

Miracles as signs? Why are so many of them so weak then?

Miracles cannot be falsified and why that matters

Miracles do not happen in the way a cat does not have pups

Miracles evidence too hard to assess and it is not for the layperson

Miracles guilty of fraud or error until proven innocent

Miracles have been shot to death by the silver bullet?

Miracles have to be uncommon

Miracles in the Light of Science

More Tricks, Religion treats provisional testimony as last word

Mormon baptism is void and harmful in Catholic eyes

Mormon God is not wholly trustworthy!

Mormon Prophet Smith had criminal record for religious fakery

Mormonism is a false religion that deliberately lies to people

Mormonism is steeped in the occult and has sanctioned dark rites

Mormons and unforgiveable sins

Moroni or Nephi? Who supposedly appeared to Smith?

Naturalism and miracles and religion

Neuroscience is claimed to refute free will

Objections to the D'Arcis memorandum

One violation of nature overthrows all natural law

Only hoaxers engineered and produced the Book of Mormon

Our Lady of the Golden Heart Beauraing Belgium

Padre Pio is declared a saint when he was far from a saint

Padre Pio's dubious stigmata in pictures

Padre Pio's fake attempts to hide stigmata

People only assume that an event is a miracle

Photos of allegedly incorrupt bodies

Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you

Prayer and its alleged power to protect from temptation

Prayer and the idea that it is absolutely needed to get eternal happiness?

Prayer does not show trust in God!

Prayer for others is untestable and thus a lie

Prayer in schools is wrong when they are state-funded

Prayer is degrading submission to God

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is never answered except in our imagination

Prayer is toxic and yet we pray for evil people!

Prayer seeks the grace of being able to pry

Praying and the Nocebo Effect

Praying for another is about wanting the reward of self-approval

Praying for somebody is selfish

Praying is lack of trust in yourself & your abilities

Problems with prayers of praise

Professor Lennox's lies in the service of Christianity

Querying miracles on basis that they are necessary evils?

Querying the Catholic notion of demons needing casting out

Question about what matters, miracle factuality or significance?

Questioning CS Lewis on miracles

Questioning the cures of Lourdes

Questioning the Shroud of Turin

Questioning the shroud rather than debunking

Questions for a Mormon Bishop that show the religion is nonsense

Questions on how the Shroud Image was made

Reading signs and wonders into coincidences

Real secularism is founded on science

Religion delays belief in science when it dislikes its findings

Religion paints science as deadly as itself

Resurrection Fact or Fantasy?

Robert De Clari and the shroud of Turin

Roman Catholic exorcism ritual

Salvator Mundi indicates that Leonardo was behind shroud image

Science and miracles, why science rejects the possibility

Science and Religion can never be friends

Science contradicts God by saying that he may hypothetically false

Science is about the natural and thus ignores supernaturalism

Science is against religion and the Bible on free will

Science opposes all faith not just religious faith

Science Speaks by Stoner and Newman is a pack of lies

Scientific proof that there was a Jesus?

Scientism is a derogatory term for science religion doesn't like

Secrets of the Dead and the question of the Turin Shroud

Should Bible be interpreted to fit and teach science?

Shroud makes out Jesus was buried alive!

Shroud of Turin attracts mystery mongering

Skepticism is justified when you

Skepticism of miracles and magic is supported by photos

Smith's discarded scripture, Book of Commandments refutes his prophethood

Solar miracle at Fatima and the photos

Stigmata replicated? Dr Lechler

straightdope on Jesus and the Shroud

Sudarium is a blood splattered cloth that allegedly backs up Shroud

Suggestions on how to make the Turin Shroud image

Talmage, Mormonism a Marvellous Work?

The attempt to sue the Mormon Prophet for fraud

The best arguments for Jesus being alive are terrible

The Bible is too disinterested in whether Jesus rose bodily

The bishops who exposed the Turin Shroud as fake

The burial of Jesus is hearsay even if you go by the gospels

The Case Against Miracles gives us warnings about Christian lies

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

The Community of Christ, Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The early Christian view that the general resurrection was past

The fanaticism of praying for protection

The imagined link between prayer and therapy

The irresponsible fraud-ridden religion of Spiritualism

The Koran and Book of Mormon condemn Christian baptism

The lie that witnesses of the first easter died for their testimony

The most famous relic ever, the Turin Shroud

The New Mormon Challenge book challenges the Mormon "God"

The New Mormon Challenge deserves a positive review

The notion that thoughts become real is an attack on science

The outrageous claim that there is writing on the Turin Shroud

The pollen on the Turin Shroud does not authenticate it

The religious scepticism of Hume is valid and commonsense

The resurrection of Jesus is mere speculation not a belief

The resurrection of Jesus was a ruse

The Second Face on the Shroud of Turin

The Selfless Gene by Charles Foster

The stigmata is evidence against miracles as signs from God

The view that Jesus is not the shroud man is plausible

To refute Ian Wilson is to refute the Shroud of Turin

Top authority versus the Fatima sun miracle

Top of head missing on Turin cloth so it is a fake relic

True age of the Turin Shroud

Turin Shroud and the lie that only today's science could make it

Turin Shroud contradicts New Testament data

Turin Shroud could be a painting or the remains of one

Turin Shroud if true means resurrection of Jesus is untrue

Turin shroud image too strong and muscled to be Jesus

Turin Shroud is claimed by some to be an early photograph

Turin Shroud is confirmed as fake

Turin Shroud is not a Miracle

Turin Shroud Man didn't rot so he was not Jesus

Turin Shroud man was decapitated ergo he was not Jesus

Turin Shroud the strange three-dimensional effect is exaggerated

Veridical hallucinations might explain risen Jesus visions

Vile idea that sceptics in the lab magically ruin tests on "psychics"

Virgin of the Poor apparition at Banneux Belgium

Virtue of Scepticism

Visions or shadows, the fake revelations of Joseph Smith

Visit me today for I can free you from religious untruths

Walter McCrone says Turin Shroud is a painting

Was Jesus' burial a hoax?

Was Jesus fatally wounded in the side?

Was shroud painted but not with normal paint?

Was the blood picture on the Turin Shroud printed on?

Was the Early Church Mormon? No!

Was the Resurrection a Legend?

Waxwork, St Bernadette of Lourdes is not a incorrupt corpse

What does science have to say about the meaning of life?

When God lost his own word with many pages of Book of Mormon!

When Joseph Smith "revealed" there were men on the moon

When Prayer is Listening to God!

Where was the Shroud of Turin in the first millenium? Ans: nowhere!

Why miracles lead to sceptics being called harmful

Why paradoxes are religion's downfall

Why science can't at least say miracles might occur

Witnesses to Book of Mormon Examined

Wounds depicted on Shroud contradict the gospels


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