The Turin Shroud is the most famous relic in the world. Millions believe that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ bearing his crucified and bloodied image.

Jesus was allegedly wrapped in the Shroud of Turin. Despite all the strange things that seem to be in the Shroud’s favour, the supporters choose to ignore proof on the cloth itself that nobody was ever wrapped up in it. THE TOP OF THE HEAD ITSELF IS NOT SEEN! If the image had been wrapped around a head you would not see this effect. The cloth should show blood marks and images as if it were wrapped around a head. Instead, it looks as if the back and front were put on separately with no connection in between. There should be a connection if the cloth covered a body. It is like somebody taking a photo of you from the front and then one from the back and putting them together with the head on each photo touching. It is not a natural effect when you have a cloth that a man was supposedly wrapped up in and which went over the top of his head.

The buttocks of the shroud man are round. Real dead bodies that are laid down get flattened buttocks. Whatever the image is it is not the image of somebody lying on the cloth.
What makes the Christians believe the Shroud man is Jesus when they believe in stigmatists, people who bear the marks of Christ’s cruel death by the power of God? The Shroud man could be an unknown stigmatist who had gone through a beating that dislocated some of his joints.  The Shroud man could be another Jesus. He could be a more convincing one if it is true that the Shroud indicates resurrection from the dead. He would be proof that it is mad to believe in any resurrections or Messiahs for they claim to be the only saviours and yet there is no reason to favour one above the other.

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