Some like to think as follows:
If life never evolved on earth then it was evolved somewhere which was more conducive to the production of life by chance and life was brought here from that planet.

There is the possibility of a molecular programming – the power of a super-science to program matter to produce life. It could have made us and would have been set up by extra-terrestrials who evolved naturally and by chance. The structure of matter seems so show that nature has programmed it so to speak.

Molecular programming would be far from perfect but it seems we can be sure that it will make it possible for us to live forever by scientific means.

Science will bring us back to life for we are made of materials that could be assembled again. When atoms compose something once they can do it again.

One day, a computer will exist that will be able to recreate us again. There must be some way to make you from a single cell or to restore the matter that used to be cells to the original cellular state. Then, we will be free from ageing and sickness and encapsulated in a force field that prevents fatal accidents and will be able to live forever. There are many strange things in nature so there could be a way that even if the Big Bang is reversed we will survive.

Why does the program let us die in the first place? The program cannot restore us to life for it lets us die unnecessarily. And the fact that viruses and lethal bacteria exist show that there is no program for no super-science would make them. The alien super-science would be more likely to make an indestructible robot god with perfect intelligence which is able to generate power to use to help the cosmos and make other similar gods to help it.

A cosmic egg exploded in the Big Bang to make the universe and the universe may return to that state some day. Maybe this happened billions of times before. Maybe some alien species inserted the instructions in matter billions of big bangs ago.

REPLY: It seems the doctrine gives us a reason to try and improve the world for we have a future in it. But if it is going to improve anyway why go to any trouble?

Molecular programming is refuted by the fact that we don’t develop the required super-science fast enough. Speed spells success. Such an intelligent system would not have such a major defect as time wasting. Also, molecules atoms are not like computers so they cannot be programmed. They lose their structure in the cosmic egg. They cease then to be molecules and atoms. So for a force to program the energy they become it would have to be impossibly powerful and even divine.

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