Science and the Law of Attraction have a close relationship.

Science is the art of wondering and discovering. It questions accepted truths and puts them to the test. That is it's method. And it must be our method too.

Science has brought us most of the blessings we have today. Science always seeks to prove itself wrong. It is always checking that it is right and revises errors.

Science gives us power. The power of the Law of Attraction is increased when we use and enjoy science to gain power and improve our lives.

Science gives us knowledge. Power is dangerous without knowledge. Knowledge increases self-esteem.

Science blesses us.

The more we look all around us with a scientific eye the better the Law of Attraction will work for us.

The differences between science and our philosophy are not genuine differences. Philosophy sees what science implies. It also tells us when faith is appropriate.

Science is open-minded and based on evidence. Many religions are not. Science and that kind of religion is in conflict.

The philosophy we have studied is not about dogma but about a method. Therefore it is about doing spiritual science. Each one has to test the method for herself and himself.

Our message - as encapsulated in this article - has marvellous healing power. Cancers will be cured, the blind will see and the lame walk. Lions will shed their ferocity and lie down with lambs. Knowing the truth about the power of the law of attraction alone is a tool that makes your mind draw protective energies into your life and your home. Through the law you become the guru and the way and the truth and the life. Thus it is now, and shall be forever, peace without end.

ANSWER: Science is formed by the results of experiments.  The law of attraction implies that if you want to find your drug cures cancer then you need positive thinking not experiments.  And if you do experiments, the results are caused by your disposition not the experiments.  You cannot imagine anything further from science than this.  Science can test that if you are starving in a Third World nation that thinking positive will not put food on the table.

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