Does an old painting show the Shroud to be a forgery?

The Turin Shroud is the most famous relic in the world. Millions believe that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ bearing his crucified and bloodied image. The cloth is kept at Turin in Italy. The cloth is an enigma. Many say it is a miracle. But in fact the greatest mystery is who the cloth depicts for the man whose face is on the Shroud is not Jesus Christ.

Leonardo da Vinci is thought to have had the knowledge to forge the Shroud.

The face of the man on the Shroud is identical with the face of Jesus as painted in Salvator Mundi by Leonardo in 1513. The hairline is the same and the hair is virtually the same.  The body doesn't seem to go with the head either same as the shroud.  Jesus' chest looks a bit on and filled out too much like the Shroudman's.  It likes fuzziness around the face and neck same as the shroudman.

Let us look at the match of the Shroud face and Salvator Mundi. The Shroud man is on the left and the Salvator Mundi on the right. Picture courtesy of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.
The beards and noses being the same length is too much of a coincidence. The noses are identical.

The Catholics hope that it will be discovered that Leonardo visited the Shroud and painted the Salvator based on what he had seen. Let us deflate their hope.

First of all, the shroud face is too subtle. Leonardo didn't have any way to see the clearer negative image.

Second, Leonardo never claimed to have based the painting on the cloth. He would have said if he had. He would have used a live model as usual.

Third, why would Leonardo go to so much trouble to duplicate a face on a cloth that could hardly be made out by the people? The Catholics are just rationalising.

The Turin Shroud cannot be real when it matches the face of a painting a millennium and a half after Jesus Christ. The Catholics are just too bigoted to want to see that.

Salvator Mundi shows some signs of influencing the Shroud. The left of the face of Jesus in Salvator Mundi is emaciated and thin like the Shroudman's whole face.

Look at Salvator's chest. It is too big for a man and looks like he has female breasts.

The Shroudman's chest is also unnatural.

Is the face of the Shroud man the man who modelled for Salvator Mundi?

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