Lucia and Fatima and the Consecration of Russia

Lucia supposedly saw the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, in apparitions in Fatima in 1917. Mary said,

"My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind."

"Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church."

Russia at that time was still following the Orthodox Church - a faith similar to Catholicism and devoted to Mary. But there is no reason to think it is Orthodox Russia that is meant. Communist Russia makes more sense.

The Virgin promised that if Russia was consecrated to her Immaculate Heart that it would be converted or else it would make the whole world err which is blackmail. And she stipulated that the pope was to do this as well as the bishops. This is a denial of the power of prayer for millions have offered Russia to God, and that sinners cannot be consecrated to God, and that the prayers said by the pope are not necessarily more influential than those of anybody else.

How could Russia be consecrated to God when it is full of people who are sinners in his eyes? Consecrate means dedicate to God or to give God to be his property.  But they can only dedicate themselves to be his. If Russia was consecrated by God it follows that God is evil and invents his own morality. Such a God has no business sending people to Hell. The Virgin said she was sorry for what she called poor sinners� going there. Presumably God is sorry too which is strange for he is the one that dumps them there for nobody would stay in Hell forever unless God did something to them to stop them repenting.

Does the consecration of Russia mean simply praying that Russia will consecrate itself and consecrating the self-consecrated Russia to God? Is it something like,

We consecrate you to God when you consecrate yourself�.

This is a mistaken understanding because God would not refuse to convert Russia over people not asking him. And the visions promised that Russia would consecrate itself if it were consecrated for Heaven's sake!

The Virgin promises that Russia will be converted on condition that her request for the consecration is heeded. So she knows that it is going to happen in a non-existent future.  She knows that Russia will not turn to God if her request is ignored? This is logically impossible for even God cannot look into a future that will not happen. The apparition made an appalling error. If God can do what is logically impossible then he is evil for then suffering is not necessary. This Lady set out to glorify herself and not God though at the same time she is only making herself look like a fool.

Lucia had another visit from Mary in 1929 at Tuy, Spain, who told her that the moment had come for the pope and all the bishops to make the consecration to her Immaculate Heart which will save Russia (page 52, The Third Secret of Fatima). Why didn't she appear to the pope herself and get it done? The pope was asked to do this with all the bishops of the world which was unrealistic for many of them were sceptical of Fatima (page 138, The Thunder of Justice).

Lucia revealed the dreadful and over-dramatised and hysterical things Heaven supposedly said about Russia, in 1942. And at the time of the Second World War! That was an unbelievably evil thing to do because it could have influenced Catholic leaders and countries to attack and be paranoid of Russia for the sake of the faith and the lives of the Catholics the Virgin said Russia would kill. Many were influenced but they could not say so for fear of discrediting their faith. The conversion of Russia was supposedly revealed in 1917 and not mentioned until 1942 when it could have been mentioned and prayed for before and gave an implicit blessing and approval to Nazi Germany as it geared to attack Stalingrad!

In 1952 the Virgin appeared to Lucia to tell her that the pope had not consecrated Russia to her Immaculate Heart as she had desired and that there can be no peace in the world until it is done (page 183, Fatima Revealed and Discarded). The pope then must have been to blame for the Cuban Crisis that nearly led to nuclear war in the sixties. It is outrageous that somebody who gives no evidence of having had this vision and the message can make such a vile insinuation.
Jesus told Lucia years later that when the consecration would be done it would be too late. Mary evidently thought that the pope would listen to her. What makes it more stupid is that the Church had not recognised Fatima as authentic by then and never recognised her post-Fatima visions. Fatima was not recognised until the 13th October 1930 (page 139, Fatima Revealed and Discarded). Lucia expected the whole world to listen to her alleged visions when that was all they were: allegations!
Some consecrations done by the pope and/or the Church have been misinterpreted as consecrations of Russia. None of the consecrations of Russia by the pope or Church fulfilled the Virgin's request in the way the Virgin said it should be done.

Lucia says the 1984 one carried out by John Paul II did (page 84-85, What Happened at Fatima?). To the objection that the pope never named Russia specifically but just said those peoples Lucia said he meant Russia and that was enough. She is trying to fool for he could have said Russia. When he did not explicitly name the country he was not doing what the Virgin asked. And the Lady did ask for Russia to be consecrated which means Russia had to be mentioned though Lucia says her asking that does not mean that. The pope allegedly said he meant Russia afterwards but what use is that? Had the pope had a sincere intention he would have said Russia to literally fulfil the Virgin's request just in case for she was fussy. She rejected the 1965 consecration of Russia by Paul VI at Vatican II because the bishops with him were not solicited to do it (page 83, What Happened at Fatima?). Lucia rejects the intention argument here for you could say though the consecration was sprung suddenly on the bishops they intended to consecrate Russia so the suddenness does not make the consecration fail to be what Mary wanted. Mary must have as many double standards as she has. What Lucia is up to is this. Soviet Communism got stronger after the previous consecrations. They did not help. So she would not accept them and she invented excuses for this. She had promised the consecration would work and it didn't. She had to cover this up or be seen for the false prophet she was.
With the weakening of communism and because she could not ridicule every consecration forever she had to accept the one of 1984. Had it failed she would appeal to Jesus saying that the consecration would be too late when it would happen. She was hoping it would take place as Communism was collapsing so that she would seem to be an impressive prophetess and her imaginary mentor the salvation of the world. She was hoping to be able to rig the fulfilment of the prophetic promise. She proved she was a scheming religious manipulator who deserves no trust. Nobody can look at the claims of Lucia and fail to see how incredible and egocentric they are. By teaching the message, Lucia not only saves souls from Hell but she also saves the world and collapses communism. When a person says he or she is the best we think they are being bigheaded and bombastic but she goes about it in a less blunt way and she is a humble saint! Strange! Yet if I said Jesus appeared to me and told me to say a prayer for the world that would guarantee the salvation of the world I would be condemned as someone looking for glorification. It was solely because Fatima was useful in the sinister Catholic agenda that Lucia's claims were endured at all.

John Vennari in an article entitled, Where is the Conversion of Russia? ( stated that by accepting the 1984 consecration as the right one after more than 70 years of being rigid about what conditions were needed Lucia was as good as admitting that she fabricated or imagined or both the vision that revealed the need for the consecration. It has been noted that Lucia accepted the debunking of Fatima by Cardinal Ratzinger. And the conversion of Russia that was supposed to follow the consecration never happened. Russia has got far worse since the consecration with its being the central country for distributing child porn and having live porn broadcast from Moscow on television. It couldn't be further from the Catholic faith. To say it will convert one day is no good for then no link would be evident between the consecration and the conversion. Prophets who maintain that y will follow x and then say that y will be decades or centuries after x are definitely guessing and have no knowledge of the future at all. The Vatican ordered the world to accept the 1984 consecration as being what Mary asked for at Fatima indicating that Lucia changed her tune to lick the pope's boots.
She was just another bungling prophet. We have all met more convincing fortune-tellers. 
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