Catholicism trains priests to cast out demons from the supposedly possessed. Jesus did not ordain exorcists but simply assigned holy men to do the job.  The real reason the Church limits the job to priests is for containment of the truth.  It knows a virtual secret society is needed for exorcism is a fraud.  Liberally endorsing exorcists like Jesus did will soon make the truth come out.

Exorcists today preach and stand for the belief that Satan's biggest delight is in making you think he does not exist.  This is nonsense.  It seeks to implicate those who doubt his reality in his magical nefarious activities.  It calls them useful idiots.  Anyway the suggestion is nonsense for if Satan needs a cloak over his plans he can do that by making his work look innocent.  Perhaps it looks ordinary.   Perhaps it looks neutral.  Perhaps it even looks good or like an act of God.  A Satan who is treated as if he is doing nothing is more effective that one who is just denied.  Why?  For you believe he is real as force for evil and are taking chances.  You are not entirely innocent.  An ego like Satan would like people to be horrified at the thought of what he is.  That is for sure.

Unlike Jesus who reportedly could get a demon out on the stop the priests may need weeks and years.

Jesus said that some demons cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). But if one sincere prayer is powerful then there is no need for the fasting. God would be evil if he promised to hear prayer and made such an arrangement. Jesus wanted to recommend fasting for it breaks down the critical faculties of the mind and facilitates brainwashing.  Also, demons are reported to cause anorexia so his message was irresponsible.  He must have known of girls who died of self-starvation when demons were blamed.  The victim of a so-called possession was expected to pray and fast too. Please understand the fanaticism and extremism here. Anorexia was blamed on demons and Jesus comes up with evil advice like that?

Do the possessed have no soul? Maybe that is why a demon is in there. If so then it is because the house is empty and they can become squatters. Perhaps the person is just some kind of artificial intelligence and not a person. If so their soul is no barrier to a demon coming for there is no soul. Or does the person who gets possessed have a defective soul? If so exorcism may do nothing. Blessing a missing finger does not put it back. The person is suffering during the exorcism for nothing. The person is being treated as some kind of sub-human.

There are many sides to every person and we are all split personalities to some extent. Are the possessed captured and abused by themselves? Is it self-possession? Are they borrowing powers from demons in order to abuse themselves and create the signs of possession? Are demons not possessing but merely supplying the dark energies? Exorcism sidesteps these questions. It throws caution to the wind though it feigns responsible behaviour. The consequences are massive. The exorcist is potentially an abuser. The exorcist does not care enough to be permitted access to a person. It is abuse to let even a well-meaning exorcism in the door.

Crazy liar Fr Gabriel Amorth who claims to have exorcised thousands of demons does not inspire confidence in the Catholic Church as being able to handle demons.  You wonder if Jesus did anything like what you see below.

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