The Church says: Prayer protects us from temptation. When faced with temptation to sin, prayer fortifies you.

It is hard to believe that Jesus when he prayed a lot even all night was not struggling with a temptation he was praying about. The fact that he did not need to pray much to be able to heal people accentuates this point.

When he told the apostles to pray "Lead us not into temptation" the Church says he was only telling them how to pray and notably was not praying that prayer himself for he is sinless. But the objection to that is he and the apostles were a group and the us is Jesus and them.

When God does little or nothing to protect you from temptation and gives Satan the supernatural power to tempt you, he would tempt himself for there is no difference. You cannot trust him and I mean cannot. You will be incapable of trusting him. If you feel you trust him then what you mean is that you are superior to everybody else and have immunity from giving in.
A God who tempts is worse than a Devil who does it for God has all the power. The Devil has only so much.
Also, if prayer protects you against temptation or fortifies you, clearly though temptation is not a sin in itself it is a sin when you didn't do much to avoid it and didn't pray enough.
It is cruel to accuse people who fall into sin after fortifying themselves with prayer by saying they did not pray right or did not mean the prayers. What if they did?

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