The prayer of praise to God and the surprising dark side of it

Let us leave aside the fact that praying for something even a bike is a prayer of praise in the sense: "I know you are good and I can ask you this." Let us think of prayer as being directly about praise.
Context: You rejoice in God that you have a charmed life. What about those who have not and who went without while you lavished food on the table that is worse. If you put others first you will be wishing they had it not you.
Anyway there are two scenarios.
Scenario 1, You are praising God for making the dice fall in your favour albeit randomly.
Scenario 2, You think there is no random and God planned it all.
Either way you are glad you have these things even if they have been taken from somebody else. If you deny having that attitude that makes you a worse person not a better one.
It does not matter if you are giving permission or a command to randomness to hurt or destroy your target. It does not have to make sense in order to show what you are - the kind of person you are. You defy reason and turn to magic or the irrational to try to send evil to your enemy and evade responsibility by using the random to do it. By definition the random is not your fault.
They think the villain getting killed by lightning is random so they are happy that if evil is going to happen to anybody it is good it happens to anybody bad.

They know that random evil does not care if you are bad or good but if it strikes a bad person that is the bad person suffering unfairly in the sense that the suffering is not happening because of his badness. And how can you celebrate what happened for random means you could be the next target? Random is still random if it happens within a boundary or if it is contained. Believers must think they are outside the boundary and it is good that the enemy is within it! They think they slot into a more divinely planned framework.
As bad as the villain is, being glad that nature treats him to its ruthless aimless side is a sort of victim-blaming. To see the world as good leads to victim blaming. So see the world as being more than just good for God is in it and made it leads to more victim blaming as if it needs reinforcement! If the world is good then the bad person is to blame for the random evil that hits her or him and the victim made her or his attackers strike.
If there is no God and people think prayer works enough then it follows that people are rejoicing in luck and it is all random and down to cold mechanical nature.
When people are like that with random strikes of nature that dispatch evil people we need a lot of convincing that they are incapable of trying to condone or belittle the suffering of others in the name of God.
Thus believers condone what the random does and what risk it puts people in as an act of worship even if this is not explicit. God is held to approve of the condoning and condones it himself too.

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