Jesus himself recommended obsessive prayer.  He praised the widow who pestered the judge as showing how we should approach God.  Such prayer borders on being psychologically disordered.  It is a product of anxiety and if prayer does not work or if the person thinks it was not answered but only seemed to be then the anxiety will only get more ingrained.

What possesses us or gives us addictions pretends to be our slave. That is the key to its power.  We are convinced we are free when in fact we are not.  The doctrine that God alone matters seeks to make us addicted to a religious theory.  Prayer is needed in order to create that addiction and reinforce it.  Prayer as a form of self-indoctrination will make you immune to anything that can set you free.  People often say that prayer does not change reality but instead works within the person so it changes the one who prays.  If so then it is primarily self-indoctrination.  What happens is that people think they have cured their hearts of evil only to discover the evil is in fact still there lurking.  They do not realise it until it is too late.  Prayer hides the evil or makes you less aware of its presence.

A person with OCD feels good if they carry out a ritual such as washing hands ten times an hour or whatever. They feel bad things will happen if they fail to do the ritual. People devoted to prayer show the same signs. They have an OCD. Prayer is a more dangerous OCD for it is more easily disguised as not being an OCD than the handwashing is. The person with OCD knows that the ritual cannot work but feels compelled to act as if it does. Thus it is the same as prayer - prayer in some people is a symptom of OCD. Christianity insists on prayer without ceasing - you even offer up your actions as prayer. Thus that religion is trying to make its victims suffer from OCD.
Psychologists only see an OCD where some habit affects the person's daily life in an unreasonably harmful way. But that criteria is too external. It is what is inside that is the problem.
Prayer is to reflect the teaching of Christ that God is to be loved with all and not most of your being. Yourself and your neighbour are to get less love. In fact to love yourself and your neighbour to please God is not loving them at all but loving him only. Prayer strives to create extreme OCD.

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