Skepticism is justified when you look at photos relating to the Shroud of Turin

The Turin Shroud allegedly carries a miraculous image of the entombed Jesus.  It is strange for it is so old. 

A lot of the mystery-making is inspired by how ghostly the image is.   If the image were meant to show Jesus' ghost then that could be understood to be debunking the resurrection.

Errors include the laying down man with his hair hanging down and the head not fitting the body.  If it is so vague because it is meant to pass for an image of Jesus' ghost then it amounts to an attempt to undermine the resurrection.  If the dull image is meant to seem to be made by sweat then remember that sweat does not come from everywhere and would not be so uniform.  And there are no run marks.  It is too much of a coincidence that something that looks like a blood and sweat print should appear AFTER the legend of Veronica became popular.  The 800 years old tale is that she wiped Jesus' face with her veil when he was carrying his cross and he left his face image on it.

And there is too much blood for a dead man! 

This 3D is supposed to show a Roman coin on the Turin Shroud Man’s Eye!

Our imagination can make patterns if we let it,

This is supposed to show a Roman coin image on the Shroud Man’s Eye

A coin like the one alleged to be on the Shroud

A coin like one alleged to be on the Shroud 

The marks on the Shroud man’s back once thought to have been caused by a chain

The marks are actually blood from some minor wounds that flowed across the back when Jesus was laid in the tomb.  Bleeding from small wounds like that indicates that the man was buried alive!  The blood should thicken where the fat of the body meets the cloth and the stone it's lying on.  It should gather there but we don’t see that having happened.  That is suspicious and indicates that as realistic as the blood flow is it is fake. 

This is the picture that according to Turin Shroud authenticity defenders like Ian Wilson, proves the Shroud existed before the date given by the 1988 carbon dating

Hungarian Codex

You see that the image of the herringbone weave they are on about being the same as that of the Turin Shroud is just the pattern on the sepulchre lid.  It is stiff with the pictures of the cloths Jesus was wrapped in on top of it.  The plain Shroud Jesus lay on in the first picture is shown on top of the lid bunched up.  Yet they lie that the cloth in this image has the same pattern as the weave of the Shroud.  You see that the depicted cloth is just enough to cover one half of the body not like the Turin Cloth which can cover the whole body back and front.  The corpse in the image is depicted as clean from wounds after being washed unlike the Turin image.  Also the rubbing of the oils on the corpse as in the picture should smear the blood which didn’t happen with the Turin Shroud man who has blood that poured out as if he was just thrown in the cloth without being anointed and washed.  With all the images of Jesus’ shroud out there and the legend that Jesus left a print of his face in blood and sweat on Veronica’s veil, one of them had to be like the Turin shroud!

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