The Turin Shroud is regarded as presenting itself as the burial sheet of Jesus.  Other views are that Jesus miraculously made the image himself in medieval times and it is only a copy.  Or that an artist was divinely inspired to create it. Or that it is the image of somebody murdered in the same fashion as Jesus.  Killings like that took place under the Muslims. 

There are rumours of occult origins.  A lot of the mystery-making is inspired by how ghostly the image is. If the image were meant to show Jesus' ghost then that could be understood to be debunking the resurrection.

But as unexplained means, "I don't have an explanation and if I can suggest explanations I don't know which one is the one" and unexplained does not equate to miracle or paranormal we look for signs of natural origin.  And they do exist.

Carbon 14 tests direct us to the middle ages for the real origin of the cloth.  It must be recognised that attempts to dispute them offer possible “explanations” while actually assuming the wrong result was a miracle.

The argument that samples were taken from repaired parts is definitely debunked. Flury-Lemberg said that if this were true the fine textiles would show evidence of it.

Contamination would need to be miraculous to throw off the results. STURP scientist Dr John Jackson refutes contamination incidentally.

The rubbish that radiation from Jesus altered the cloth so that the tests were invalid is not science for you cannot experiment on that.

And if you want to go down the radiation road, why not say a blast dissolved the body and left marks?  You still cannot say the cloth shows Jesus rose.

The New Testament has a voice speaking to Jesus from Heaven and some saying it was lightning or something else. A plethora of unlikely explanations can hide a secret leaning towards the view that it was a miracle.  So it is with the shroud.

There is more than the tests showing a medieval origin.  If it is so real, then why does it look like Gothic art?

Analysis: The Shroud of Turin: The Great Gothic Art Fraud — Because If It's Real the Brain of Jesus Was the Size of a Protohuman's!

by Gregory S. Paul


From an artistic and anatomical perspective, the shroud image is an embarrassingly obvious fraud committed by a Gothic artist following the standard conventions of his time. The artistic errors are so severe that it is impossible for the shroud to record the image of an actual human body—unless it was a very seriously pathological person with a brain the size of a Homo erectus.


The rear view shows both the top of the head and the heels, and provides a height a little over 1860 mm (6 ft 1 in). The proportions of the trunks and legs are normal and represent a fit person whose muscles are well, but not excessively, developed, and who lacks excess body fat. Body mass for a person of this height and form should be in the area of 75-80 kg (165-175 lbs). The considerable height of the shroud figure is a significant problem because it is tall even by modern First-World standards, and it is well above the norm for a person living in the Roman-occupied Middle East. If Jesus were of these dimensions he would have towered over most of those around him and would have been easily identified by those searching for the dissident, yet there is no mention of this feature in the testaments.


Although suspiciously tall, the total height and weight of the shroud figure are not abnormal. The dimensions of the head are. It has long been noted that the body is overly long relative to the head. Joe Nickell pointed this out in his 1998 Inquest into the shroud of Turin.


In the front image the hands are used to prudishly cover the genitalia, with the elbows bowed significantly out to the side, and the shoulders spread out to the side in a normal manner.


[should the shoulders be so normal after what the man supposedly went through?]


 Judging from the rear image the elbows were not in contact with the surface that the alleged corpse was resting on. This arrangement may look natural, but it is not and is an artistic illusion. In order for a person to cover their genitalia in the manner of the shroud figure, the shoulders need to be hunched forward a little, and the arms strongly extended towards the crotch, with the elbows tucked in. This does not match the nonhunched shoulders, and is not possible for a corpse.


If Jesus had the proportions of the image in the shroud, then he was a severely deformed and pathological person who would have cut a shocking figure as he walked down the streets and paths of the Holy Land. Exceptionally tall for his time and place, his rather narrow head was so shrunken and low browed that it would have indicated a unique form of hypocephaly so serious that it would have impaired his mental function, leaving his intellectual performance similar to that of protohuman.



Overly long arms would have hung at his sides, with one exceptionally elongated, the other less so because of an atrophied lower arm. It is hard to see how such bizarre attributes would have not been mentioned in an account of his life, assuming anyone bothered to record it considering the circumstances.


Hindered by the Christian mores of the time against scientific investigation of the human body, Gothic artists lacked the superb anatomical knowledge possessed by many Renaissance artists


the hands do not actually cover the groin, one hand is too far to the side and the one on the shorter arm is too high, yet the genitalia are not visible to offend the pious viewers. At this point the artist was sufficiently sloppy or prankish to not bother to make the lower arms even close to the same length—he may have failed to appreciate these errors, thought they were a joke or a test of gullibility, or did not care. ..

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