Prayer is supposedly simply letting God and his loving help in but is in fact a toxic placebo

People know you can rub a rabbit's foot and good luck can happen by coincidence.  They already know answers to prayer can be explained that way.  Prayer brings a placebo with it.  You have no right to a placebo to deal with other people suffering.  You need to see clearly to help them.  It is not about you.  Also it goes with the doctrine that evil is going to be done anyway so when it does God makes sure it will issue out a good that makes it worth it.  So if you pray for John to get well then take the credit if he dies.  Stop being a hypocrite. 

And you pray and get something and you thank God but who are you to think that he treats you as special?  What did you do with the notion that God has a big plan and good and bad things happen as collateral but it is about the goal?  Your benefit does not mean it was directly intended.

For these reasons, praising God for your daily bread while others starve is indeed disgusting.

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