Miracles eg amputed limbs just coming back in an instant, lack believability

We don't have to take miracles seriously enough to found a religion on them.  That is all we are saying.  No amputated limbs ever come back and that is telling. 

Miracle believers will ignore gold-star witnesses with affidavits who see a brick moving by itself in a naturally impossible way.  Such a wonder would surpass the case for Jesus' resurrection for nobody gave the alleged witnesses an examination of any kind.

Miracles are said to be signs from God but in fact the real truth is that believers just want them to be and don't care what they really are or are not.  It is possible to get three good witnesses who are in fact coached to lie that a miracle happened and for this to come out. 

If a man rises from the dead you only see that he is alive now but you will not know if his death was an illusion, if he was put into a miracle coma that made him seem dead, or if the person now is a miraculous duplicate.  There are countless other possibilities and none of them count.  You may know a miracle happened but you have no right to say what the miracle exactly was and where it came in.

In short, the promotion of miracles is manipulative, superstitious and ideological.

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