Debunking Jesus Christ

Jesus was evil for he refused to condemn the torture of "sinners" to death as commanded by his Bible.  He admitted that nobody could be good when a person called him good teacher.  He was called good teacher not good man so he took the chance to deny he was good in God's sight in any sense.  He slandered the Jews as guilty of an eternal sin who said he was getting demons out of people with Satan's power and argued unconvincingly that if Satan were against Satan his kingdom would collapse.  Satan surely as a master of deception would remove demons from you if he had a plan. He promised a resurrection as a sign but all we are told is that he died and was buried and showed up again.  We do not know if he was supposedly raised by a witch or how.  We do not know what happened in his tomb.

An argument concerning how women could testify if Jesus rose

Assessing: Bayes theorem may allow for the return of Jesus to life?

At best we should suspend judgement on Jesus' alleged burial

Could women witness to the empty tomb and risen Jesus?

Daydreaming Jesus back from the dead?

Did Jesus predict that he would NOT rise?

Established facts cannot really make way for Jesus having risen?

Faith in miracles is just faith in men

Is resurrection of the human race a wholesome hope?

Is resurrection of Jesus a good doctrine?

Jesus as an exorcist and a fanatic

Jesus's resurrection was not the only alleged resurrection

The best arguments for Jesus being alive are terrible

The Bible is too disinterested in whether Jesus rose bodily

The burial of Jesus is hearsay even if you go by the gospels

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

The early Christian view that the general resurrection was past

The lie that witnesses of the first easter died for their testimony

The resurrection of Jesus is mere speculation not a belief

The resurrection of Jesus was a ruse

The Selfless Gene by Charles Foster

Was the Resurrection a Legend?






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