The Turin Shroud has marks like burn marks and other marks that look like blood.  The burns and the blood marks show clear boundaries.  A man sweating and bleeding on a cross with the possibility of rain should have large patches of watered blood but that is not what we find at all.  The blood is deliberately positioned and is too tidy.   There are no puddle marks.

People who believe in Christianity want to believe the Turin Shroud with its red marks has real blood on it which they hope is the blood of Jesus Christ.
Diane Soran tested the notion that the reason the blood stayed red was because the cloth was given a good wash in a hemolytic called saponaria - soapwort. She made linen samples and the blood on them stayed red after more than two decades.
Sam Pellicori said that the blood on the top of the image is red because of that substance on top of the fibres stayed red due to evaporation but inside the fibre it went brown.

These tests are unscientific and dubious. And since when does 25 years of red blood on a cloth prove that a cloth could have red blood for two thousand years?

There is a relic of "blood" in Bruges, Belgium.  It is a perfume bottle from long ago supposedly containing the blood of Jesus.  Unlike the shroud it is followed with healings and alleged miracles.  It used to go into liquid form but does not know and under inspection looks like a red waxy substance.  The redness counts against it being real blood.  It is a fact that the red blood on the Turin Shroud lines up with endless fraudulent blood relics that gave themselves away by failing to look like dead blood.  Like the cloth, the relic in Bruges cannot be traced back to Jesus.  Nothing that shows it existed before 1270 AD can be found.


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