Click to inform yourself about religion for you deserve the truth

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - refute it and refute the only refutation of Christianity you need

Religious tradition is peer pressure from the dead

God's grace is human influence pretending it is not manipulating

Religion and faith are subtle weapons and can hurt you

You must be better than God when you can speak for him

Why giving a sweet to a child is better than a day of prayer

Liberal religions want to capture your brain too

Religious faith often gives way to worse faiths

Scriptures such as the Bible are violent in language/imagery

Faith exploits your subconscious, you mistake it for God's guidance

Jesus, Moses and Joseph Smith, monarchs of the patriarchy

Live your authentic non-religious life

Love has a bad side so why should a loving god mean a great one?

Man made religious constructs have no validity

Needs are not wants - religion and God are not needs

Religion can be underhand in how it controls you

Own yourself, don't let religious opinion try to define you

People matter as people, not as "images" of God

Religion does not support your informed religious choice

Reality will always bring you down with a bump, be real

Sin contradicts "innocent until proven guilty"

If religion is true why does it need so many liars to promote it?

Understanding your right to freedom from religion

Nobody has the right to say God is right to let you suffer

Religious love has a dark side

Religion is passive aggressive role play

Jack the Ripper was driven by Faith


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